Saturday, March 31, 2012

Role Play

As predictable as it is, porn with a short story line is a real turn-on for me. Particularly those in which there's a lot of filthy talking between the actors and they're staying in character, for example between a teacher and a student. 

While these aren't unique, role plays that I really want to act out and fuck to: 

Locker room sex: athlete + cheerleader
Clinic sex: doctor/nurse + patient
School sex: teacher + student
Office sex: boss + secretary
Plane sex: flight attendant + passenger
Home sex: MILF + son's friend
Beach sex: lifeguard + beachgoer

What's your fantasy?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aroused by: Erotica

While I'll always prefer pictures and video, erotic writing is something I've recently come to appreciate in my search for sexually enticing media. 

"After fondling, cupping and nibbling her full breasts, his hands moved down to her groin and smoothly shaved pussy. Kneeling between her spread legs, skirt bunched around her waist, he parted her swollen lips, and soon his tongue found her warm, wet slit. She moaned loudly and grabbed the back of his head, pushing that tongue as deep as it could into her, allowing her to be tongue-fucked by the handsome stranger. Pleasure rippled through her body, and soon another orgasm was building. A gasp escaped her lips right before she came, right before her juices fully moistened the stubble on his jaw. As her breathing subsided she felt her clit trembling, yearning to be gently sucked on, given some more attention. But this thought was replaced by another, that of the large bulge in his crotch as he stood up in front of her and started unbuckling his pants..." 
It's explicit and kinky, yet also allows the imagination to create the scene exactly as we'd like. It's the same reason I love talking and hearing people talk dirty - it arouses me by giving my mind something to play with and fantasize about. 

What makes written smut all the more naughty is being able to read it in public, such as with the Kindle. A search on Amazon reveals dozens of short story collections, encompassing the breadth of erotica. And on your Kindle, no one will know what you're reading. These days I'm reading a collection of XXX MILF stories, one short story a night, hoping that it leads to a good/wet dream.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

An illustrated erotic tale


I'm imagining myself straddling you, my hard dick between your luscious tits, sliding back and forth. My hands are on the sides of your breasts, squeezing them onto my shaft.  As I rock back and forth, precum oozes out of the head of my dick, making our foreplay even slicker.

We're both moaning and breathing heavily, and I position myself between your open legs. You quiver with anticipation, your white panties wet with pussy juices. But I don't rush things, but stroke the inside of your thighs with my fingers. You beg me to bring them closer to your panties, beneath which your clit is sensitive and throbbing for attention. 
You gasp as my tongue licks your pussy through your panties, my hot breath on your inner thighs. I slowly pull your panties to the side, and my fingers find your moist and swollen pussy lips. Holding onto the sheets you arch your back, urging my fingers to penetrate you and finger fuck you. I slide one finger in slowly, and you moan with pleasure. My thumb tickles your clit as my finger feels every ridge of your pussy. Then I slide a second finger in, your pussy juices just covering my hand now. I thrust gently at first, but then increase the speed. You writhe in pleasure, but don't cum yet. My fingers withdraw, and coated with your juices, reach up to those perfect tits. The wetness dribbles off my fingers onto your nipples, and then off the sides of your breasts. You're shaking, hot and sweaty. My fingers go first to your mouth, where your tongue swirls around my fingers and then licks off the juices. Then my fingers return to your pussy. But I curl them upwards now, finding your g spot. While my two fingers fuck your tight cunt, my mouth returns to your pussy too, and my lips gently suck on your clit. You moan louder, tell me to thrust harder, and soon you cum all over my face and hand.

As your heavy breathing subsides, you're on your back, your breasts swollen. I cast your panties and ease myself up to where I'm lying on you, my hard cock slipped beneath your panties and against your pussy. We grind our privates against one another intensely, my precum slides down my shaft and mixes with your pussy juices and our sweat as we moan, rocking back and forth on one another. My dick can't wait any longer, and the head of my cock parts your slutty cunt lips. Soon my entire shaft is being gripped tightly by the walls of your pussy. 

My thrusts alternate between hard and fast and slow and sensual, and you can't help but tell me to fuck you harder. The ridges of your pussy grab my cock hard, and I feel your cunt sucking me back each time I start to pull out. Our eyes lock briefly as we're fucking, as a bead of sweat drops from my forehead onto your chest.

Before long the urge to cum swells in my balls, and I pull out, and kneeling between your legs I stroke my cock once, twice, before shooting a hot sticky load on your breasts, your stomach, and the last drops dribbling onto your slit. As the cum slides over your pussy lips, I slide my cock back into you, thrusting once more as you start to cum again, your contractions milking the last drops from my dick.


We lie there together breathing heavily, my cock still inside you. My lips would kiss your neck, while my hands gently caress your hips, your stomach, and your shoulders. As I pull out my quivering dick, your hands gravitate to your breasts, where you slowly rub my cum into the soft, smooth skin of your tits, before falling asleep, fulfilled. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pubic hair: Bush, trimmed or shaved?

For me, it can be any of the above. You won’t hear me complain about a slick, entirely shaved pussy. It’s something I look for from time to time, imagining myself fingering one and spreading her swollen lips. 

Yet there’s also a part of me that loves seeing a nice bush between a woman’s legs. I trace this to junior high, and to my teacher Ms. D. In her mid-twenties, Ms. D had shoulder length brown hair, a sweet and sexy face, and an athletic body on top of amazing legs. She never wore anything too revealing, but I remember her having good-sized tits. She was the teacher all the boys in my class talked about, our hormones giving us raging hard-ons whenever she came by. One day a friend told me that he’d sneaked a peak up her skirt when she was walking up the stairs. He swore that he could see her pubic hair, poking out from the sides of her panties. While I now know he was exaggerating, at the time it drove me wild. 

To me it symbolized what a mature woman Ms. D was, and I spent many hours thinking about how thick her pubic hair might be and how it’d feel to touch it. I still return to this fantasy every once in a while, now imagining myself slowly pulling off Ms. D’s panties and exposing a full, dark bush. Her scent originates there. My tongue laps at not only her pussy, but also her pubic hair directly, until it’s all coated and wet with my saliva. After fucking Ms. D (on a desk at my school, no less), I fantasize about shooting my hot cum onto this bush, admiring how it sticks until she rubs it around.

“Hairy pussies” are a niche within porn, and I’m glad there’re other guys who love it. But an entirely un-groomed pussy, with hair not only in an upside-down triangle but also circling the cunt and extending towards the thighs, is too much for me. I prefer a woman with a nicely maintained bush, a triangle pointing sharply to her clit, and otherwise smooth right around her pussy. 

In my wettest dreams, Ms. D’s pubic hair is full and thick, but also neat, with a few peaking out from behind her laced panties, teasing me. Her bush to me was a sign of her sexuality, and that she was more developed than me (my pubic hair was only beginning to show) was such a turn on. I’m sure this contributes to my desiring to have an experience with a cougar, but that’s for another post. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Early porn experiences

In composing my “About me” this subject came to mind. Because we didn’t have any Penthouses or Playboys in the house, I tried to find ways of seeing skin, if only in R-rated movies. Before I used the internet for porn itself, I used it to find movies with good sex scenes. Of course, no scene was ever explicit, but I still remember my dick getting hard at the shower scene from “The Specialist” and the Cindy Crawford train scene from “Fair Game”, playing these over and over when my parents were out.  

The Specialist
Fair Game
Once the internet grew and I became more adept at finding porn on it, there was no turning back. Another entry will be on about my current porn obsessions, but back then it was hardcore pictures. I remember being turned on by nude women, but I quickly found that I preferred seeing couples having sex. Foreplay or intercourse, it didn’t matter. Who knows why I skipped looking at solo women, relatively speaking. It was just raunchier, naughtier, more voyeuristic to be seeing a tight cunt filled with a big, thick cock. It being “hardcore” felt so inappropriate for my teenage years, and that made it even more enticing. 
And that’s still where I am, too. Videos have replaced the pictures, but those of couples sex (not to mention threesomes, gangbangs) continue to comprise the bulk of my collection.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

About me

For just about as long as I can remember, sex has been on my mind. Grade school sex ed was something I really wanted, having heard my friends talk about their fathers’ Playboys or the sex scene in Basic Instinct. Without such magazines in my own home, I’d flip to the back of my father’s GQ and look at the ads for the “Making Love” series, turned on by what the ads promised as explicit scenes and imagined what they showed. 

At bookstores I’d sneak glances at the Anne Hooper books. My first real exposure to porn was being shown a Playboy at a friend’s house, and drooling over a blonde dressed as a cowgirl, lying on a haybail with her legs spread, showing off a hot blonde bush. (I’ve since tried finding that issue online, sadly to no avail.)

While a lot has changed, much also hasn’t. Now in my late 20s, I still find myself thinking a lot about sex, masturbation, porn and erotica. I love that I have a high sex drive, and am comfortable with the importance these have in my life. But even after all these years I still get a rush opening my porn stash - it always feels naughty and voyeuristic, to be reading, looking at and purchasing toys that are “for adults only”.